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From Denmark to Sweden - fast and easy

ОТ Solutions wants to present you another advantageous and fast solution for transporting your freight goods along the Denmark-Sweden-Denmark route.

We offer you the opportunity to go through the longest combined (road / rail) bridge in Europe called Oresund.

This is an almost 8-kilometer bridge worth 2.6 billion euros, which was officially opened for passage between the Danish capital Copenhagen and the Swedish city of Malmö on the 1st of July 2000.

The construction stretches 50 meters above the water and over 200 meters in the air, allowing everyday over 15,000 vehicles to cross between the two countries on an excellent asphalt and railroad route, quickly and easily.

The bridge also crosses the artificial island of Peberholm in a 4-kilometer tunnel.

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10 Tips for Dealing with the Heat

High temperatures during the summer are not good for either drivers or the vehicles or goods being transported. The largest automotive club in Germany ADAC gives you a few tips to pay attention to yourself and the technique to avoid the unpleasant consequences.

1. Concentration! Professional drivers are trained professionals behind the wheel. However, it is sometimes difficult for drivers to stay fresh behind the wheel at high temperatures!

2. Do not get distracted! Tablets, magazines and mobile phones - they are not designed to work when driving.

3. Food and beverages! Avoid heavy foods because they make you tired. More fruits and smaller portions, accompanied by lots of fluids, are ideal for hot weather.

4. Sleep enough! Heat in combination with poor and inadequate sleep distorts concentration and thus increases the risk of accidents.

5. Air conditioning! The air conditioning system must be set to a maximum of six degrees difference of outdoor temperature.

6. Chilled cabin! Even if you park in the shade, the cabin will be heated again. Stay away from wet wipes - they will further increase humidity and the heat becomes even more unacceptable.

7. Follow your body signals! Headache, soreness, etc. - stop immediately, go to the shade, take a liquid and seek medical attention.

8. Tire pressure! If the temperature rises significantly, the temperature of the tires increases considerably. If the tires are softer as necessary, their contact surface increases and they wear out more quickly.

9. Proper flat tire reaction! If you have a flat tire, keep the peace! To avoid an accident, slow down as soon as possible but carefully and smoothly.

10. Correct reaction in case of tire ignition! If you notice that the tire is starting to burn, it is advisable to proceed carefully until the next parking, where you will seek co-operation from colleagues.

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From Denmark to Sweden - fast and easy

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