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On our website is displayed the final price with all taxes included. Please note that prices are just one way / per reservation
Ferryboats burn tons of fuel for each crossing. As a result of this some of the ferry lines have a fuel surcharge, which is an additional cost for each booking to contribute to increased fuel costs. Fuel surcharge varies depending on the ferry line Crossings with a greater transit time requires a higher amount of fuel so fuel surcharge can be different for each crossing. Some ferry lines charge a percentage of the booking fee, others charge a fee depending on the length of the vehicle unit. Other ferry lines also have a pound surcharge on fuel type used. Most ferry lines reserve the right to change the variation of fuel surcharge monthly.
For companies in Bulgaria will calculate the price + VAT, and if your company resides in a different country aside from Bulgaria and have the VAT code registered in the VIES (VAT Information Exchange System) you will be charged the price excluding VAT (net value)
Each ferryline acts in a different way . For example on Dunkerque-Dover and Calais-Dover with DFDS Norfolkline do not charge a fee to 2 drivers or passengers included! But there are ferry lines that have an additional fee of up to 100 euros for each additional passenger or driver! Please keep this in mind when you book you need to select the number of drivers for the booking.
In general if the crossing has a great transit time (overnight or all day)they are usually included in the price. In cases where the crossings are short distances (2-3 hours), the cabin is not included in the price in some areas, the rest are always available. Type of cabin available will depend on the crossing. While some ferryboats have individual cabins (berths) for drivers, they may still share the cabin with up to 3 more drivers. We are unable to reserve the cabin, but yet the driver can talk to personnel on board and reach their own agreements. Meals are almost always included on the actual ferry reservation.
Bookings for small cars (passengers) are generally classified as persons traveling on vacation. A ferry booking for trucks carrying merchandise must be made for all commercial vehicles. If you pay road tax as a commercial vehicle, you'll need to travel as a truck carrying goods. This includes light vans - vans without side windows. Ferry lines are very careful in order to catch vans traveling on bookings for small cars (passengers). Some will even introduce a fine on some routes, forcing the vehicle to change their booking from the small car (passenger) to the vehicle that is carrying the goods! Making a booking as a freight car is in your advantage because prices are fixed and usually include a free meal and a cab driver.
Our team negotiates prices with the ferry lines anualy . Therefore the prices we offer are valid from January to December in over a year. However this does not guarantee that the ferry line will always honor the agreement. We always inform our customers and try to offer the most competitive prices. Please note that the fuel variation charge varies from month to month.
No. All our prices are valid for a single crossing, so that we can provide the highest level of flexibility.
All prices displayed on our website are for vehicles that fall into the following dimensions: Up to 20-22m long, 2.5m width,44 tons
Our office is open between the hours 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., from Monday to Friday, during these hours our response time is up to 45 minutes! If you wish to make a reservation in the non-working hours, please contact us in advance before booking on this number 00359882593845 it is available 24/7.
When you make an account with us, we will ask for your e-mail and phone number . Later when you book you will receive by email and/or SMS the booking confirmation!
If you contact us 2 hours before the crossing we can change / modify the booking usually without any cost. Please note that for some routes , the ferry lines reserve the right to charge a fee that will be payed by you. For any information and change do not hesitate to contact us.
Unfortunately not! Registration number of the vehicle is what we and ferry lines use to make reservations and bookings for ferries to generate references! However registration number is easily changed or modified, so if you have forgotten or given us a wrong one, please contact us in time to make the change in advance.
Vehicles accompanied by a driver must be present atleast an hour before departure time. Vehicles transporting hazardous goods must be present atleast 2 hours before departure.
All our bookings are made for vehicles that transport goods, so you should always be present at the check-in for cargo transport. The adresses of the ports are present on our site in the route information section.
Some ferry lines have automated systems capable of recognizing license plate number of the vehicle. Still though, you will be provided a reference which will be presented to the office at the check-in.
Most ferry lines have automatic measuring equipment. A vehicle arriving in the port with a length / width / height different than those declared it may result in cancellation. Also you will be invoiced for any additional costs differences on change size.
First, please try to call us in advance. If you miss the crossing or if check-in is closed, please contact us by phone at 00359882593845(depending on site language). Our team is available to help arrange a variety of alternative transportation.
This is known as a NO SHOW. All failures are treated very seriously by us and by all ferry lines. After all, an appointment may be dismissed to make way for your reservation. Clients that are on the constant NO SHOW list may be refused a space on the vessel in the future.Please note that some ferry lines can implement a NO SHOW fee and we have no option but to invoice you for it.
Reservation is valid on the date and at the time they were made, for example DFDS Norfolkline ferry lines and P & O Ferryes where reservations are available 7 days.
The invoice will be sent within 2 hours of the booking by e-mail and the next week in original by post.